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  • Josh Goller

Agape House Fundraiser Results


Last week I posted about the services that Agape House offers within our community that may be helpful to many who may experiencing difficult circumstances right now as a result of a layoff, furlough, reduction in hours, or other hardship. I encourage any of you who may have a need, particularly for food, during this time to reach out to the Agape House to help. They are truly remarkable people that are absolutely answering the call to be a light into their community in what are dark times for so many.

I also wanted to use that post to try and be a benefit to our community. This gave rise to the idea of a fundraiser based upon page views and "likes" in the form of clicking a heart at the bottom of the blog post. The results are in and I am blown away at how many people dropped by so their page view could be registered and used for the fundraiser. As of 5:00 on Saturday - the cutoff for the fundraiser - 137 page views had been recorded with 45 "likes." I had initially said that we would donate $5 up to $250 for each page view and "like."

But this was never about generating clicks for us and the response of the community illustrates just how important the mission and ministry of Agape House is. So, the caps are removed! A contribution of $5 for all 137 page views and all 45 "likes" will be made to support the Agape House and the work they are doing to help those who need it in our community.

I could not be happier than to see an organization take and use these resources to bless the people of our community. I encourage each of you to hold them up in prayer over the coming weeks as they help people affected by the virus. I encourage you to donate to them if you have food or funds that can be used to help others. And I encourage you to ask for help if you have a need that they can help you meet. That's why they are there!

To Cathy, Doug, and all of those at Agape House that are working tirelessly to help the people of our community - my hat's off to you! Thank you for all that you do to make our community a great place to live, work, and raise a family. You are amazing!



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