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  • Josh Goller

New Tools

As open enrollment kicks off for individual and family coverage on November 1st, we are rolling out a couple of new tech tools that I hope will be helpful for clients as they navigate those important decisions.

The first new tech tool is a way for clients to schedule appointments. This will also benefit clients that we are already working with or new clients that want to get started working with us. It's super easy to set your own appointment right from your computer, tablet, or phone without even having to call our office. Just go to to set an in-office, phone, or Zoom appointment. You can always call in and we can schedule an appointment time for you as well, but this is a remarkably simple solution for the do-it-yourselfer!

The other tool that I think will be really helpful for clients is a new shopping experience for Federal Health Insurance Marketplace enrollments that we are going to use in the office this year. With open enrollment just one week away, you can now go out and preview the plans and tax credit amounts you and your family could be eligible for on individual and family health insurance plans. It's a much more streamlined and simple enrollment tool that integrates with the federal marketplace, making enrollment a much easier process for families this coming year. If you're curious about what plans you might qualify for on the marketplace, feel free to poke around and browse your options as And of course, if you want to apply feel free to set that appointment at the calendar link above for anytime between November 1 and December 15th! Eagle eyed visitors to this shopping and enrollment site might also notice a sneak peak of some exciting agency news that we'll be talking about a bit later this year!

We look forward to working with you during this upcoming open enrollment season!

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